Euroframe Institutes

EUROFRAME - A Network of Research Institutes

The Institutes are leading European Research Institutes with significant experience in business cycle analysis, macro-economic forecasting and economic policy analysis. They have a variety of approaches to forecasting and analysing policy, and the combination of diverse methods strengthens the joint results.

They also have differing understandings of the way the world economy works, and the group is able to make its policy advice robust through the use of a variety of models and approaches. There are three European-wide models among the group of Institutes, all constructed on different bases to address differing problems.



CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (The Hague)


DIW Berlin

German Institute for Economic Research (Berlin)



The Economic and Social Research Institute (Dublin)



The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Helsinki)


IfW Kiel

The Kiel Institute for the World Economy (Kiel)



The National Institute for Economic and Social Research (London)



Observatoire Français des Conjonctures Economiques (Paris)



Associazione per le previsioni econometriche (Bologna)



Austrian Institute of Economic Research (Vienna)



Center for Social and Economic Research (Warsaw)