Euroframe Conference 2014 conference volume released

The proceedings of the 2014 EUROFRAME conference have been released as a special issue of the Revue de l'OFCE. The volume brings together a selection of papers given at the 11th EUROFRAME Conference on economic policies in the European Union: "What future for taxation in the EU?" held in Paris on June 4, 2014.

European economies have high taxation levels, which allow financing the European Social Models, characterised by a high level of public and social spending. Hence taxation issues are of first importance in Europe and have generated a huge number of analyses, reports and debates over the last decades. As concerns the future of taxation in the EU, a broad group of questions covered in the papers featured in the conference volume is: which tax reforms should be implemented at the domestic level? Do we need tax harmonisation and tax coordination at the EU level? How could tax reforms help in the resorption of euro area current imbalances?

The conference  volume can be downloaded here or from the OFCE web page.


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