The EUROFRAME - EFN Autumn 2007 Report

The Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Forecasts and Policy Analysis (pdf)
was released on September 27th, 2007.

A Special Policy Issue: "European Social Model(s) and Social Europe" is discussed in chapter 3 of the report.

Appendices are available as pdf files (see below).


1. Brenke K, Dreger C., DIW
Introduction of minimum wages in Germany: Coverage and consequences, Microeconomic evidence based on the SOEP

2. Douven R., Ligthart M., Mot E., Pomp M., CPB
Early experiences with the Dutch health care reform


3. Guger A., T. Leoni and E. Walterskirchen, WIFO
European Socio-Economic Models: Experiences and Reform Perspectives


4. Lassila J. and Valkonen T., ETLA
Financial sustainability of pension systems under uncertainty


5. Lejour A., CPB
Social Europe: responsibility of the EU or the Member states?


6. Mathieu C., T. Seguin and H. Sterdyniak, OFCE
What future for Social Europe?


7. de Mooij R.A. , CPB
Challenges for the Dutch Welfare State


8. Onofri P. , Prometeia
The Pension Reforms in Italy: a Never Ending Story


9. Ruzik A., CASE
Cross-country analysis of the pension systems in the new member states


10. Sowa A., CASE
National social insurance systems and their reforms: Health care systems in the NMS