09.00 - 10.20

Plenary Session (Rudolf Sallinger Saal)

Chair: Karl Aiginger, WIFO

Social Security Systems and Social Investment: How to Account for Low Growth Risks and Promote Sustainable Growth
Frank Vandenbroucke, KU Leuven

When 'Secular Stagnation' meets Piketty's capitalism in the 21st century - Growth and inequality trends in Europe reconsidered
Karl Pichelmann, European Commission




10.40 - 12.40

Session 1
Ageing, Social Investment and Welfare (Saal 1)

Chair: Catherine Mathieu, OFCE

Dealing with the challenges posed by an ageing population in the EU
Giuseppe Carone Per Eckefeldt and Veli Laine, European Commission

The effects of education and aging in a OLG model: long-run growth behavior in France, Germany and Italy
Michele Catalano and Emilia Pezzolla, Prometeia Associazione

Long run growth and redistribution in the Italian Social Security System
Carlo Mazzaferro and Marcello Morciano, University of Bologna and University of East Anglia

The social investment perspective as guiding principle for welfare state adjustment
Thomas Leoni, Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO)


Discussant: Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Vienna University of Technology and Vienna Institute of Demography


10:40 - 12:40

Session 2
EU Economic Policy (Rudolf Sallinger Saal)

Chair: Henri Sterdyniak

The euro area, between self-inflicted misfortunes and hopes
Jérôme Creel and IAGS team, OFCE

The Effect of Fiscal Policy on the Labor Market over the Business Cycle
Thierry Betti, Thomas Coudert, University of Strasbourg

Fiscal Reaction Function and Fiscal Fatigue in the Euro Area
Cristina Checherita-Westphal, European Central bank, Vaclav Zdarek, ECB, University of Warwick

How to exit a currency union
Stefan Hirth, Aarhus University


Discussant: Kerstin Bernoth, DIW Berlin


10.40- 12.40

Session 3
Long-term Growth Patterns (Saal 2)

Chair: Markku Kotilainen, ETLA

Causes and policy implications of the Dutch current account surplus
Hugo Rojas-Romagosa and Albert van der Horst, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis

The permanent necessity to undervalue the euro endangers Europe’s trade relations
Stefan Kawalec, Capital Strategy

The financial sector and growth – Best practice regulation and the opportunity for a more stable system in a low growth environment
Michael Kueschnig, Student of Economics at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

Long-term factors and constraints of economic growth in Europe and in the world
Marek Dabrowski, CASE, Warszaw, Bruegel, Brussels, and Higher School of Economics, Moscow


Discussant: Harald Oberhofer, Vienna University of Economics and WIFO


13.40 - 15.40

Session 4
Potential Growth (Saal 1)

Chair: Sandra Bilek-Steindl, WIFO

Should we still use the concept of "potential growth"?
Catherine Mathieu and Henri Sterdyniak, OFCE

Europe's Long-Term Growth Prospects: With and Without Structural Reforms
Kieran McQuinn, Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, and Karl Whelan, University College Dublin and CEPR

Lessons learnt from seven years of stagnation in the Eurozone
Clemens Kool, CPB and Utrecht University, Jasper Lukkezen CPB and Utrecht University

In which way can economic growth be accelerated in Europe?
Matti Viren, University of Turku and Bank of Finland


Discussant: Susanne Maidorn, Austrian Fiscal Advisory Council


13.40 - 15.40

Session 5
Labour Markets (Rudolf Sallinger Saal)

Chair: Rene Böheim, Johannes Kepler University Linz


How strong is the correlation between unemployment and growth really? The persistence of Okun´s Law and how to weaken it
Stefan MARTH, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Labour mobility in the euro-zone during the Great Recession
Florence Huart and Médédé Tchakpalla, Université de Lille

The impact of growth on unemployment in a low and high inflation environments
Mewael F. Tesfaselassie, IfW Kiel


Discussant: Stefania Tomasini, Prometeia


13.40 - 15.40

Session 6
Public Investment and Environmental Issues (Saal 2)

Chair: Klaus-Jürgen Gern, IfW Kiel

Public Investment, Fiscal Rules, and Intergenerational Welfare
Pedro R. D. Bom, University of Vienna

Does public investment stimulate private investment? Evidence for the euro area
Christian Dreger, DIW Berlin, Hans-Eggert Reimers, Hochschule Wismar

Macroeconomics, climate change and a new carbon policy proposal
Etienne Espagne, CPII and CIRED

Eco-clusters as adriving force for greening regional economic policy
Alina Pohl, Master Student in Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Supervisor Karl Aiginger


Discussant: Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Institut for Social Ecology Vienna and Alpen-Adria-University

Policy Panel

16.00 - 17.40

Policy Panel (Rudolf Sallinger Saal)

Chair: Andreas Schnauder, Der Standard

16.00 - 17.40

Marek Antal,Central European University and external WIFO associate
Karl Aiginger, WIFO
Margit Schratzenstaller, WIFO
Kurt Bayer, ex-EBRD, WIIW, WIFO


Comments by John Fitzgerald, ESRI and Albert van der Horst (CPB)