09.40 - 11.10

Session 1
Reforming the European social models

Chair: Henri Sterdyniak, OFCE and University of Paris Dauphine

Social safety nets and structural adjustment
Paul van den Noord, European Commission DG ECFIN, Nathalie Girouard and Christophe André, OECD
Challenges for the Dutch welfare state
Ruud A. de Mooij, CPB, Erasmus University Rotterdam, CESifo, Tinbergen Institute
European social model(s): Experiences and reform perspectives
Alois Guger and Ewald Walterskirchen, WIFO



Discussant: John Fitz Gerald, ESRI


09.40 - 11.10

Session 2:


Chair: Christian Dreger, DIW


Attitudes towards immigration: does the regional birth rate matter?
Tom Ivlevs, School of Economics, University of Nottingham

Social protection systems in the EU-25 – ready for increased labour mobility?
Sönke Maatsch, Lille University of Science and Technology (EQUIPPE), University of Bremen (CeS)
Optimal discretion in asylum law making
Jenny Monheim and Marie Obidzinski, BETA CNRS – Nancy University



Discussant: Christian Dreger, DIW


11:30 - 13:00

Session 3
Employment related issues

Chair: Casper van Ewijk, CPB, University of Amsterdam and Netspar


Do EU member states compete on social systems?
Vincent Delbecque, EconomiX, University of Paris X Nanterre and Amina Lahrèche-Révil, University of Amiens
What impact of labor market institutions on FDI decisions? An investigation using French-firm data
Vincent Delbecque, EconomiX, University of Paris X Nanterre, Isabelle Méjean, CEPII, EUREQua University of Paris I and Lise Patureau, THEMA, University of Cergy Pontoise
Labour market institutions: curse or blessing?
Carsten Ochsen and Heinz Welsch, University of Rostock
Low-skilled jobs: the French strategy
Henri Sterdyniak, OFCE and University of Paris Dauphine



Discussant: Ray Barrell, NIESR


11.30- 13.00

Session 4
Health issues

Chair: Ewald Walterskirchen, WIFO


Assessing the implications of long term care policies in Italy: a microsimulation approach
Massimo Baldini, CAPP and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Carlo Mazzaferro, CAPP and University of Bologna, and Marcello Morciano, CAPP and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Projecting future health care expenditure: drivers, trends, policy recommendations
Bartosz Przywara and Declan Costello, European Commission DG ECFIN
Voluntary private health care insurance among the over fifties in Europe: A comparative analysis of SHARE Data
Omar Paccagnella, Vincenzo Rebba and Guglielmo Weber, University of Padua



Discussant: Gianluca Fiorentini, University of Bologna


11.30 - 13.00

Session 5
Pension reforms

Chair: Riccardo Rovelli, University of Bologna


The difficulty in calibrating pension reforms: The case of the French basic scheme
Samia Benallah, Université Paris XII, Centre d’Etudes de l'Emploi and François Legendre, Centre d'Etudes de l'Emploi
How second pillar reform can affect the redistributive impact of public pension system transition
Flavia Coda Moscarola, CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Turin, and Chiara Monticone, CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto
Conflict between ‘freedom of labour’ and national policy goals: The example of the Austrian pension system
Eva Pichler, University of Economics, Vienna



Discussant: Tarmo Valkonen, ETLA


14.00 - 16.00

Session 6

Chair: Stefania Tomasini, PROMETEIA

The economic impact of ageing populations in the EU25 Member States
Giuseppe CARONE, Declan Costello, Nuria Diez Guardia, Gilles Mourrre, Bartosz Przywara and Aino Salomaki, European Commission DG-ECFIN
Extending working lives
Ray Barrell, NIESR



Discussant: Ruud A. de Mooij, CPB and Erasmus University


14.00 - 15.30

Session 7
Pension reforms

Chair: Klaus-Jürgen Gern, IfW


An application of the HERPOR model: The Portuguese social security system reform
Emídio Graça Lopes, Ministério do Ambiente, do Ordenamento do Território e do Desenvolvimento Regional and Maria Teresa Medeiros Garcia, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
Can lifecycle plans weather the pension storm? - A micro - and macroeconomic perspective
Mabrouk Chétouane, University Paris Dauphine SDFi, Societé Générale Asset Management and Michala Marcussen, Societé Générale Asset Management
Demographic and economic uncertainties and the evaluation of sustainability and adequacy of pension systems with numerical OLG models
Jukka Lassila and Tarmo Valkonen, ETLA



Discussant: Paolo Onofri, PROMETEIA and University of Bologna


14.00 - 15.30

Session 8
Pensions and financial markets

Chair: Markku Kotilainen, ETLA


The effects of population ageing on household portfolio choices in Italy
Marianna Brunetti and Costanza Torricelli, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and CEFIN
The perspectives of development of Italian pension funds and the effects on the Italian and EMU area financial markets - A simulation model to 2050
Mario Mariani, ref. – Ricerche per l’economia e la finanza, Angelo Marano,
Ministry of Social Solidarity and University of Urbino and Valentina Ferraris, ref. – Ricerche per l’economia e la finanza
Ageing, demographic uncertainty and optimal debt policies
Casper van Ewijk, CPB, University of Amsterdam, Netspar, Ed Westerhout, CPB, Netspar, Alex Armstrong, CPB and Nick Draper, CPB



Discussant: Paul van den Noord, European Commission DG ECFIN


15.35 - 16.45

Session 9:


Chair: Joachim Scheide, IfW

A politico-economic model of ageing, technology adoption and growth
Francesco Lancia, University of Bologna and Giovanni Prarolo, University of Bologna and Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei
Postponing retirement: the political push of ageing
Vincenzo Galasso, IGIER - Bocconi University and CEPR

Discussant: Federico Giammusso, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Italy


15.35 - 16.45

Session 10:

Social protection

Chair: Catherine Mathieu, OFCE

Social protection transfers between insurance and assistance: A retrospective analysis of the Italian system in a reform perspective
Daniela Monacelli, Bank of Italy
The experience of the unemployed in Europe: the role of state and family
Olivia Ekert-Jaffé, Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques (INED), Paris and Isabelle Terraz, BETA, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg


Discussant: Stefano Toso, University of Bologna


15.35 - 16.45

Session 11:

Ageing and human capital

Chair: Wim Suyker, CPB


Pension reforms, educational choices and the long term dynamic of the employment in Italy
Carlo Mazzaferro, CAPP and University of Bologna, and Marcello Morciano, CAPP and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Human capital and ageing population in a macroeconomic overlapping generation model,
Lorenzo Ascione, PROMETEIA


Discussant: Lorenzo Forni, Bank of Italy


17.00 - 18.30


Chair: Paolo Onofri, PROMETEIA and University of Bologna


Ray Barrell, NIESR
Marco Buti, European Commission
Gianni Geroldi, University of Parma and Ministry for Labour
Alois Guger, WIFO

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